PassGo strives to prepare ex-offenders to find steady and meaningful employment, to connect them with sustainable opportunities, and to empower them to overcome personal barriers. We value professionalism, compassion, and responsibility as we lead the way in breaking down barriers to employment and fighting recidivism for ex-offenders in Ohio.

“It’s time for this money to be put to good use by helping to reform prisoners so they can return to their communities as productive, law-abiding members of society.”
- Christopher Zoukis, author of “College for Convicts: The Case for Higher Education in American Prisons” 


The overarching goal of the Employment Opportunity committee is to connect our clients with meaningful employment by establishing a network of community conscious businesses, sending well-prepared clients to interviews, and following up with employed clients and their respective employers. Our team is focused on building and maintaining strong relationships to revitalize personal interaction in the hiring process.


The Target Population Outreach committee focuses on connecting people who are looking for jobs with employers that are looking to hire them. We strive to offer any aid to these potential employees to prepare them for the process, including job fairs, resume workshops, and mock interviews. Through understanding and commitment, our team builds relationships with potential employees and works closely with them to align potential job opportunities with their goals and aspirations.


The WOTC Facilitation committee is designed to work with employers and employees who are completing the WOTC application. The group composed of experts on the tax forms, and its members are well-versed on the criteria to qualify for the tax credit. We are available to answer any questions that may arise during the process of filing for the WOTC.


Since December of 2015, the Advocacy committee has focused on becoming educated about the major issues facing ex-offenders, as well as the current efforts within the community to address those problems. Additionally, we have reached out to other student organizations within the Ohio State community with the goal of working with and learning from them.