Business partnerships

PassGo’s Employment Opportunity group is partnered with Alvis House, a local reputable organization working toward a common goal. We work with Alvis House to identify unmet demands in the job market, connect restored citizens with training or certification programs, and help these restored citizens secure employment. We also collaborate with and learn from many other local organizations, including Freedom a la Cart, CleanTurn, Youth Entrepreneurship Institute, and Think Make Live.

Education and outreach



PassGo aims to connect returning citizens with the means to break their own barriers to employment. In the past, we have put together teams of students to teach classes related to professionalism and business modeling at Circleville Juvenile Correctional Facility. We are working to develop 4-week curricula in GED tutoring, interview and professionalism workshops, and computer literacy courses. Through our partnerships with ONE-STOP and Alvis House, we hope to create long term connections with the people we serve, ultimately witnessing their personal growth and success through these reentry programs.


Community Involvement

Annually, PassGo holds a community-wide book drive to collect donations for local prison libraries and foster community awareness of issues faced by returning citizens.  Last spring, the event successfully collected over 1,000 books for local prisons.  If you or your organization is interested in hosting a collection box or donating books, please contact us at